I know this blog does not reach many people anymore. I also just found 44 drafts that were never sent dating from way back. I may publish them in bulk just so I have them.

Anyway I have not idea if this is just me or if it is related to CPTSD. I do not find the answer to be in medication. However I for a rash took Benadryl and at a later date took Clairatin (sp) and found it to be the best PRN I have ever taken. I have not taken anything other than caffeine and nicotine for over a decade. Before that I took them all and they almost killed me.

It is also makes me sleep.

I am taking it only for the rash. It is good to have it there although as a multiple there is not reason to expect it would always work or ever will again.

Just putting it out there so I do not feel like such a slacker.



One Response to “PRN”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I found your blog today. I am just beginning the discovery process and I just want to thank you for sharing. I can’t read too much before I fade away but I will be back again and again so thank you. Thank you.

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