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Example Peer to Peer Life Coach

September 1, 2012

Ate OK could not sleep got up 2 am and went for swim. Full moon and it was cool. Came home and have been sleeping 0ff and on well. Going to town in 1/2 hour to see art show want to just see three friends. Nothing else needs to be done in town. Need to go to the bank. It is a day after therapy. When we get back from town we will need to regroup. Buy breakfast on the way.


Did not feel like eating went to art show. It was fun saw some people. One of them is moving to a better situation. I am happy for her sad for me. Was tired on the way not now means I am tired. Not really low energy just feels like I have a sad body. Did get offer to sell my glass work in October. Sold a pendent off my neck. Did grab some food. Going to take a nap. It is a day after therapy.


Did get some sleep and went to the grocery store. Remembered my $1.00 coupon. If you buy 4 of the stores brand you get a 1.00 off that will be $52 to me. I will not sleep unless I swim. It is best when the water is cold to heal the reptilian brain.  The get in the water and it is find after a while is best.  The warm water is more fun and can heal the brain in a different way.


Went for a swim about 1/4 mile. Ate kinda. Going to read and go to sleep. It was an effective day after therapy.


So that ends one entry in the life coach concept. I think I like the term non-emotional log. To be clear I am grieving the lost of my twin brother. The non-emotional log make the important part of grieving happen. It is not unrelated it just keeps things that are simplistic simplistic and separate from those things that are not. In a real way keeping the focus on what is important to me.

Life Coach

November 4, 2010

Why the life coach did not work with my therapist. First I did not understand that those that do the stuff related to the life coach only work for 20 min at a time.

Second and most important the distance between what was seen as my first job when I was in MKULTRA school with the cult member at age 3 and what was seen as my job now was to great to bridge in one session.

Life Coach

November 3, 2010

I have not written about what the life coach does. It follows intrinsically if the concept to not changed. I should not be changed to enlightening, teaching, instruction, advising, counseling evaluating, critiquing  or preaching.  It is not about emotion and is not therapy at all.

It might work like this. Say in therapy it is determined that the person wants to work on communication between parts. The life coach and coached start from that is the thing to do. So the coached explains what they are going to do in the next week specifically to facilitate communication. The next week it would be told how it went what was successful and what was not. It would not be about what was communicated. This would be very “advanced life coaching”

It should at least start with simple things maybe ever just a list of tasks that seem not to get done. I would like to eat better. Again what eating better means and that it is what should be done is up to the coached. The coach listens and then listens to how it went. Not if it was a success or not. How it went. Offering minimum outside information unless asked for it.

The life coach is engaged in active listening. That with a scheduled time and place is want makes it work.  The concept is not new it is used in business often. Applying specifically to how to live a life to heal from PTSD is only unique is it limits the time to what is necessary to do that. They only reason that peer to peer is used is that someone with PTSD may understand more it is hard to live a life to heal from PTSD. The cost factor is an issue.

After the person has there 20 min the LC might make some observations, have a few questions or share a few things that have worked for them. It should not be a time for lengthy discussion.

If the coached person has doubts about what they have decided to do for the next week than it is up to them to ask for discussion about the doubts. If they are not sure how to accomplish something than they are responsible

As a practical matter when it is time for the person to have there time they should be the one that keeps track of it and makes sure it does not go over. It is there time and they are responsible for it. The break is important and should be honored by both parties.

The time and place should be set up for the next meeting before the parties separate.

It could be looked at as briefing and debriefing for the week ahead.

I think that it is a hard concept for people that have not run a business especially those that have not and thing they could.  It would not work for people that need to control when it was there time to be the life coach they would experience the need to do something instead of just listening. Passive aggressive people would find a way to make it a drag.

How to pick a person to do peer to peer life coaching is a difficult task. There should be a trial period of known length.

This may make it clear. Say yoga is great for you. If this was brought into the LC relationship it is less likely that months from now it would dawn on you that yoga is good for you and you have not been doing it. It also might make you aware of why you did not do the yoga which could be helpful. It would never be doing yoga because you had to because it was a responsibility to your life coach relationship.

Life Coach

November 2, 2010

We had our first meeting. I was nervous and did not eat. It was kinda a fun nervous. Anticipation and such.

My LC was late. I expected this and is part of why I think it will work. I am not holding them to the same standard as someone who is not healing.

I went first and it went well for me. I wrote some things I wanted to work on an spoke about them for a bit. I was pleased and was done. My LC did not hear that I was done. They wanted to give me feedback. I did not need that I was done. It was kinda tense for a bit.

Then it was her time an it was not as “structured as mine” That is fine.

I think we both left with some things in our consciousness that will be helpful with organization and healing from PTSD.

I do not know if my LC wants to continue or not. If they do not than that is fine I know much more about what the LC is about and will find a way.

Life Coach

October 30, 2010

It is already working for me. Knowing that by tues when we meet I will need a plan about my life space has put that off till then. I do not have to keep it in my consciousness while I do the work of healing.

It puts things in the concept of dealing with the trauma.  Now when we do the laundry we know why we are so tired. We are not confused as to why it was not already done. We do not go to lets go back to when we had our laundry done for us. In a real way when we started to do this work before we would kinda jump to the solution is to have maid again and such. Now it is not as disheartening. We do not even think about it. Measured against the other work we are doing it is not important.

It would be helpful to move downstairs. This is a big deal. For some of us this was a get up one morning and work till it was done. It would not take more than three days so that would have been doable. We often worked for three days with out sleep.

Part of it is our baseline. We always lived so pretty much we could take off for two weeks and it would not make much of a difference. We did most things ahead. We always paid our bills a month in advance that sort of thing.

Part of it is just our memory is over taxed. We want to get our truck oil undercoated. This is pretty simple and just takes a phone call and 1/’2 day when we do not have much to do. As 0f late the way it worked was there was no way we could be sure that on any given 1/2 day that we would not be in the middle of memories coming back.

Pretty much it somehow sets apart time and it is still tied into the work of trauma. This helps with the transitions. Which is the next post.

Peer to Peer Live Coach.

October 27, 2010

I floated this idea on this blog and go not takers. I tried the life coach thing with two mental health professionals. I tried it with two self-help books before when traumatic memories were not in my consciousness. I tried it with my therapist. I tried it on-line with someone and it became how do I organize them.

I have found someone in the real world that wants to try it. In a way we found each other. My original concept is pretty much spent and this is what our collaboration has come up with so far. Understanding we have not met yet.

Our mission statement is “Life a life to heal from PTSD”

We are to meet the same time each week. Who ever goes first picks the place we meet. One person goes first for 20 min max. There is a break and I have a cigarette. We come back and sit in a different chair or place and it the the other persons time for 20 min max.

We do not work on it outside the 20 mins with each other. It is not about expressing. It is about practical things.

I am using yellow legal pads and a Ticonderoga # 3 pencil. I just thought of buying a shirt or a hat. Maybe socks would be good. Note: The idea about the shirt and such shows the problem that is turning it into a right brained thing.

For me what works is this 20 min is left brain time. In a way using my left brain for us rather than solving problems with the world.

For me it is already working even though we have not met. We have limited it for this meeting to organizing life space. Knowing that next tues I can share that I did pick up the house keeps the importance of it in front of me. When I go off to well I need to figure out my wetsuit socks I am gently pulled back to I need to do both.

I have started a new category called Peer to Peer Life Coach. See how it works? I know how to organize somehow if I am doing it for me it is wrong.

So my posts on the Peer to Peer Life Coach will be in that category.