Why naps work for healing. 

First healing is not fun and is hard work. So if one naps the result may be more work. That being said I think I understand why they work and why they are important. 
PTS is 24/7. It is physical. One is always adapting, fighting it off, trying to find a way to heal or healing. Even when doing any task and even when having what serves for fun. 
So if you stay up all day as is recommended you have spent the day dealing with PTS and you will
 process that day in a way consistent with being PTS. Not perceiving being in a traumatic situation which is often assumed by those that observe rather experiencing PTS. Assuming you are not perceiving danger or in danger.
Dealing with the world while experiencing PTS can be dangerous.  
So say you get up having processed the last PTS day and go out to breakfast and draw as I sometimes do and come home and take a nap. You then might be experiencing sleep when not worn our from a day of PTS. 
I have a few times slept though out the day and been tired at night. I consider that a good day although experts would see it as being depressed.
There is a weird dynamic about sleeping while healing from trauma. You are not refreshed. It is not that you are doing it wrong. It is just something that happens. I call it attaining a new level of sleep and when I attain a new level of sleep I am tired and need to sleep

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