New concept

Well not totally new.

We know that we can not heal with out enough sun and light. This could be put into terms related to the effects on the brain which has been measured. It could also be turned into the misunderstanding about vitamin D. pretty much vitamin D deficiency is a sign of poor health and not having enough sun. Eating vitamin D in a pill has no effect other than a different lab test result.

We have just discovered that we also need warm than cool temperatures.  If we have enough light and sun that exercise may be able to achieve. It is not that warm and cool temperatures.

For some reason AC does not work for us. Swimming does and so does a fan. It is not that warm and cool temperatures cause healing rather consistently hot or cold prevents it.

There is the work of therapy which is part of healing and then there is healing which is about being sad. Well that is the end of it.


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