In my spare time I have been working on programming. We like to do that as a distraction and get something done.

I have written much about it on Faith’s blog. She is going in a different direction so I am writing here.

There is what is called Castle programming. It is involved and confusing. It is done to different degrees of inefficiency depending on who does it.  There is a cross over between the cults and MKULTRA as the cults were to keep track of the thousands of sleeper agents the whacko’s in MKULTRA foresaw.  About as dumb as the new nutritional program. Which by the way is really are rerun from the original school lunch program. That worked out well did it not. All government programs if they go on and on are a good punch line. The exception is if something is actually built.    Then it just becomes a budget that needs to be spent. Case in point the Army Corps of Engineers. They are not building dams anymore. There budget has not decreased. Go to a dam and figure out how much money you are paying to mow the lawn.

Anyway. If I am given a book with a red cover I am to call a number and ask for someone.  A face card is used as a book mark. The way the card is facing gives my my starting point. Say the card is on page 123 and a jack. I am to call and ask for jack. I am asked who is calling in this case I would say ____________ from Queens. If it was a Queen I would say it is jack from where ever I really was when making the call. If it was a King I would say only my real name.

The number is a simple code. Starting at page 123 the fist number would be 2. The the first number subtracted from the second. The second number would be the second number in the page number two pages back. Then the next number would be the first number of the number of pages forward in the amount of the third number. It sounds complicated once you get the hang of it you can do it in your head. The 5th number if zero means you are to only dial 4 numbers which at the times meant a local call. Any zero means you are done. I am guessing this allowed for a different number of numbers as the phone system was new and changing. It allowed of international calls which at the time had to be spoken. You could not just directly dial Spain for example. There was a whole other code for that that I do not want to bother remembering. It was done with a different set of page numbers and the code was a number that correlated to letters in the text. Say go to page 188 and then count back 8 letters.

It did not work that well and as most academics do it was faked often and assumed if it was for real it would somehow work.

Once the person answered the phone it became more effective.  There would be a code. It might be a different name. A whistle or Morse code. Then an actual address would be given with a time.  The person would be told to go to the place at a certain time. Usually this would be for a long time so it could be checked if there was anyone with you etc. If you went to the place they might call again once it was established that you were doing what you were told and you would be told to go immediately to a different place. For the contact.

It is all pretty stupid and unworkable even if you are willing.

Then there is training to watch the watchers. This is even dumber. You work it backwards and if you are watching someone you try and figure out what they are doing.

The eluding a tail is a joke. There are so many ways to do it if you have half a brain. The easiest is the busy elevator. Just get off and walk the stairs and get on again until you get lucky and no one is on the elevator when you get on or off. Again it is stupid as what if that never happens.

I had real training which is based on keeping it simple. With contingencies build in. On them was the thumbtack in a telephone pole. There would be a color sequence and number sequence. Say red, green, silver. This might be different days or it might be the tacks on a series of poles. So if you saw a red one on a pole the pole would have a green than silver. That would tell you to go to a dead drop. Which you knew of before hand. Chalk marks on the side walk or building were used.

Always you had an explanation for where you were going and what you were doing. I really wanted a orange and Zecks has the best oranges. That sort of thing. This was in case you were questioned. You did not just wander around looking to see if there we thumbtacks.

I had to run through this on the way to school. Which was hard a photos of me naked had been put on the poles before by the cults.

The contact was done in layers. The first contact pretty much not having a clue what was on either end. If you got caught at this point there was no danger to your “cell”  as neither if you knew anything.

A contact might clear there throat and blow their nose. The answer might be left hand left side touch then right hand left side touch. That contact might walk off and be only to alert you it was on and to look for something else.

It can be as simple as after that you call another number and they send a fake cab to you.

It is all pretty straight forward if you look at what they were afraid of.

So with me at least this was all to just get me somewhere. Then in theory when I got to where ever I could be told what to do.

I was once taken out of the public school to the MKUTRA school then to a house and told to find my way back undetected. I made it back to the MKUTRA school then did not go. I went to my real house and hid in the woods until I saw the other kids come home from school then went home. Hard part was I had no idea what time it was and it was cloudy so I had to hope school was not out yet.


I was involved in two Assassinations. Pretty much I was abducted and a gun put to my head and told to shoot. The first time it was a gun I had pulled the trigger on often and it was not loaded. This  time it was. The second time was just plain put the gun to my head and I did what I was told. The first one was a kid from the MKULTRA program who could not be controlled and he was a big kid so they were in fear. The second was a brother of a child killed in a game  gone bad and he started talking.

If you take away the music from the movies an insert time where normal stuff is happening it is different.


So the effect of the programming is not I am some zombie waiting to be activated. I can not be and never could be once outside the daily control under threat.

Things just erk me. I see a thumb tack in a pole and it might come into my head it is illegal to hang political signs on poles. I was in Paris and some guy was making caulk marks on the side walk so I noticed. I followed the marks as kinda a game. I caught up to the guy and it he was drunk. You can not fake drunk over time. Then I was wondering why do I know not to try and fake drunk over time. That sort of thing.  I might be writing down numbers and happen to see some combination and wonder why I noticed it.

I do not worry much about the “programming” The effects just go away once I process the trauma. Kinda like the “program” goes away with out the threat.

Anyway programming is not like most people think nor is the effect.



3 Responses to “Programming”

  1. NoFear InLove Says:

    My heart is crying, and the rest of me is threatening to, when I hear what you were put through with those assassinations. Now I understand what you’ve been saying other times, about the gun with no bullets being replaced with a gun with bullets. One of my more vague memories included what felt like a ‘Russian roulette’ sort of situation, where a gun was put to my head. I remember feeling a brief fright, and then very very calm Then the sound of the gun as the trigger was pulled. And I was still alive. Mostly I did not feel any emotion as it took too much energy.

    “So the effect of the programming is not I am some zombie waiting to be activated. I can not be and never could be once outside the daily control under threat.”

    You’ve helped me to understand you way way better. Don’t want to sound cliched or wierd or corny or whatever. I love you more. And feel much safer about you. A side effect seems to be feeling more hurt in my heart when absorbing what has been done to you in the past. Love you.

    • Michael Says:

      I was going to say something before. Watch the love you thing. I save that. I actually do not use the word love except for people and art work. You can not love me as you do not know me. You do not understand me at all. No one understand anyone else. They do not really understand themselves.

      Russian Roulette is common in cults. It is oven done with shells with no powder. Often the barrel will be spun the gun fired to show it is loaded. There is only one shell. Good work getting to that.

      > Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 00:36:28 +0000 > To: >

      • NoFear InLove Says:

        ok. (about the love).
        And thank you about the Russian Roulette. Wierd thing was, when they used a hairdryer at the end, I’d never seen a hairdryer before in my life, and thought they were going to shoot me, or zap me somehow, after getting me all clean and dressed! (Ok to laugh at that one.)

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